Acunetix is the leading web vulnerability scanner used by serious Fortune 500 companies and widely acclaimed to include the most advanced SQL injection and XSS black box scanning technology. It automatically crawls your websites and perform black box and grey box hacking techniques which finds dangerous vulnerabilities that can compromise your website and data. Acunetix tests for SQL injection, XSS, XXE, CSRF, Host header injection and over 4500 other web vulnerabilities. It has the most advanced scanning techniques generating the least false positives possible. Simplifies the web application security process through its inbuilt vulnerability management features that help you prioritize and manage vulnerability resolution.

Trustwave Web Application Firewall:

Your web application act as front door into your sensitive data, and attackers use wide range of techniques to target them, A web application firewall (WAF) helps protect against web app risks, including the OWASP Top 10, by offering a comprehensive set of capabilities for protection. WAF brings to you continuous protection through positive and negative security, perpetual tuning and dynamic virtual patching. Built-in threat intelligence from the renowned Trustwave spiderLasb team. Additional capabilities, like load balancing, to improve application performance.

Checkmarx Source code Analysis:

With CxSAST, an accurate and flexible source code analysis solution, you automatically scan uncompiled/unbuilt code and identify hundreds of security vulnerabilities in the most prevalent coding languages. Checkmarx static code analysis support over 20 coding and scripting languages and their frameworks. Checkmarx provides:

  • coverage for the latest development technologies
  • Zero configuration to scan any language
  • identifies hundreds of known code vulnerabilities
  • ensure coverage of security standards (OWASP Top 10, SANS 25 and more)
  • addresses industry compliance regulations
  • unique “Best fix location” algorithm of CxSAST static code analysis
  • fixes multiple vulnerabilities at a single point.
  • Tons of time saved for developers
  • Any developer can do it


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