Goodness Okpani is an Enterprise Security Consultant , ISO 27001 LI&LA , Cyber Security Manager, PECB Certified Trainer, PCIDSS Consultant.

Process Assessment and Optimization help organizations to determine and prepare for the impact by assessing business process technology processes and operations at the convergence of business and technology processes to identify any misalignment between the current business needs and current processes polices and procedures.
Business Value Proposition
For every organization that operates in a particular industry space, processes also exist in the organization that serve as a guide for the everyday business decisions of the organization. One of the core business objectives of the organization with such processes will be to ensure these process function effectively and efficiently.
My role in this business value is to provide my expertise in performing assessment of the processes from technology to business to operations and provide advisory services using my expertise in process assessment frameworks that will ensure the organization meet this core business objective.

Process Assessment Frameworks
ISO27001 –Information Security management system
ISO20000–Service management system
ISO22301–Business Continuity Management System
ISO 9001-Quality management System
COBIT5–IT Governance

Security Assurance in the context of an organization is the degree of confidence that the security needs of an organization are met.They also include but are not limited to the methodologies designed and implemented to protect all forms of data where inprint, electronic or in cyber-form from unauthorized access,misuse disclosure,modification or disruption.

Business Value Proposition
Every organization that is in business have as one of their core objective to save operational costs as much as possible. Cyber Attackers are on the prowl and according to recent statistics have made organization across the world to lose as much as 5-10 billion dollars as a result of security holes or vulnerabilities that exist in the organization.

It is in this regard that my expertise insecurity assessments are important to an organization as they speak to cost reduction in the form of Return on Security Investments(ROSI). As a result of such security investments through programs like security assessment an organization can save a lot of money that could have otherwise been lost to cyberattacks.

Security Assessment Expertise
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
ISO27001–Information Security management system
ISO27032–Cyber Security Posture Assessment
ISO27034 –Application Security Assessment
ISO31000–Enterprise Risk Management

Technology Solutions Development
Technology Solutions Development involve the whole process of requirements gathering from business developers or stakeholders and translating such requirements into feasible solutions or applications using technology as an enabler. The solution architect as well as the developer play a key role in this whole process.

Business Value Proposition
The most important business objective of every organization is to generate revenue to keep them playing in their particular industry space. And so more often than not, organizations look to new ideas and innovative thinking to be able to produce solutions for productivity and generate income around them.
Technology can serve as the enabler in achieving this objective as solution development provides a platform for translating all the innovative ideas into realistic feasible productivity apps which can generate revenue. My expertise in the field of solution development can play a key role in the achievement of this objective.

Solution Development Framework Expertise
Mobile App Development
Design Documentation
Web App Development
Desktop App Development

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