IT Governance Framework Implementation

IT governance provides a structure for aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy. With a formal framework (COBIT, ITIL, ISO 38500, etc) which takes stakeholders’ interests into account, needs of staff and processes, your organization can produce measurable results toward achieving your strategies and goals. IT governance is an integral part of overall enterprise governance.

Why IT Governance?

Organizations today are subject to many regulations governing the protection of confidential information, financial accountability, data retention and disaster recovery, among others. They are under pressure from stakeholders, shareholders and customers.

To ensure they meet internal and external requirements, many organizations implement a formal IT governance program that provides a framework of best practices and controls.

Both public and private sector organizations need a way to ensure that their IT functions support business strategies and objectives. And a formal IT governance programme should be on the radar of any organization in any industry that needs to comply with regulations related to financial and technological accountability. However, implementing a comprehensive IT governance programme requires a lot of time and effort.


With Ethnos IT, we help you determine how your IT department is functioning overall, what key metrics management needs and what ROI IT is giving back to the business. Our trained personnel help you choose the best IT Governance framework(s) that naturally fits your organization and inline with your stakeholders’ interest.

Choose the Ethnos advantage to ensure a smooth implementation and positive results.


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