LogRhythm SIEM

your organization has made substantial investments to improve security maturity. But your team is still struggling. There never seems to be enough resources to deal with the barrage of alarms. Analysts are spending too much time trying to understand which threats are real because they’re performing investigations across multiple platforms. And they’re spending too much on manual, repetitive tasks instead of focusing on more critical activities.

If you have a traditional SIEM, it may be hindering your ability to achieve your security objectives. Next-generation solutions have evolved a unified user experience that drives highly efficient workflows and can be measured to better understand improving security practices. Logrythm SIEM:

  • Performs broad-based collection and identifies threats with corroboration across one or more security-related activities or integrations.
  • takes a holistic approach with minimal tuning with each product release, lowering the administrative burden.
  • Reduces the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) to threats by using scenerio-based and behavioural-based analytics to surface only credential threats requiring minimal tuning.
  • Improves your team’s collaboration and effectiveness through automation and defined workflows.
  • tracks MTTD and MTTR and strengthens your team’s value to your business.

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